Simon was highly recommended by a friend as being both a proficient personal trainer and an experienced boxing instructor. He is intuitive in recognizing every individual’s personal best and supports clients to push beyond their comfort zone. This has made each of our sessions rewarding and fulfilling. Over the course of my one on one work with Simon I have become more enthusiastic and joyful in all areas of my life. My work, rest, and recreation have all been enhanced.

Since beginning training I have lost over forty kilograms in body fat, gained and toned muscle mass and improved my cardiovascular capability and endurance. Along with a higher self-esteem Simon’s guidance has drastically altered for the better my future in regard to short and long term physical health. White Collar boxing classes are a great way to learn practical self-defense and improve all round fitness. One on one sparring is useful in developing balance, hand eye coordination and endurance. It is fun and challenging for all levels of skill and experience, from beginners to advanced.

Val Bazylenko

As a Business Coach and Consultant I am fully aware of the importance of balance between work, fitness, family and social activities and Simon has it all in relation to balance. His knowledge of Boxing, self defence, cardio, weight bearing exercise and most importantly stretching makes his personal one on one sessions or group workouts a must for those who wish to be challenged, gain knowledge and be fit.

I have engaged Simon in both group and personal one to one sessions and his main point of difference is not just his knowledge but how he presents it but full explanations are given for each exercise and routine, form is corrected and stretching is shown and administered directly by Simon and after a stretch one time recently by Simon the next morning I did a great time on a run. 

I fully recommend these services provided by Simon as it ensures productivity is maximized and injuries are prevented in daily activities and training. As a Business Coach I will be ensuring my clients are aware of the importance of proper training and I will fully support White Collar Boxing and Simon in his methods where he and his trainers makes all involved feel like they are part of a big family.

Keep up the great work Simon!
Tony Lynch
Managing Director
Business and Personal Success Coaching

I have been training with Simon for the past year. We met during my training for a charity boxing event. During the three months that I trained with Simon he displayed a keen interest in my skill development and improved physical fitness. Unfortunately the event I was training for was eventually cancelled due to a number of factors.

My fitness had improved significantly and I had found a style of training that I really enjoyed. Due to the time, effort and manner in which Simon ran my training sessions I subsequently decided to continue to train with Simon. Over the subsequent nine months I have participated in both personal training sessions and classes run by Simon. My physical fitness has improved immensely as well as my boxing skills.

I have since recommended four friends to start training with Simon. Each of them have experienced similar enjoyment levels and improved fitness results. It is a testament to Simon’s skills and desire as a teacher/trainer that my friends and I continue to enjoy and train with Simon.

Sean Cogan

I have known Simon Mitchell since he moved here from Canberra over 5 years ago. Simon is a friend as well as my boxing trainer. Simon offers a friendly, welcoming and fun environment for men, women and kids. He has an enormous amount of knowledge of the fight game and has trained several successful fighters.

Simon has helped me to prepare mentally and physically for my fights. I have seen Simon transform people from unfit to athletes. Simon is a hard working, generous and caring person who invests an enormous amount of time helping to make people fit and healthy. Simon can offer fitness advice for any individual looking to make a change. I highly recommend Simon for any boxing/personal training.

Kind regards,
Kim Caswell

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